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When Someone Asks What’s Sore


e v e r y o n e  has a choice

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"You need to understand that I’ll never be the girl that begs you to stay. If you decide to walk out of my life, I might be sad for a little while but know that I’ll never chase you. I’ll just let you go."

- Midnight thoughts (I may love you, but i’ll never need you)

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"I hope you get everything you deserve."

- The sweetest or evilest thing you can say to someone.  (via californiagirlwearingpearls)

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Raise your hand if you’re straddling the line between crippling anxiety and not giving any fucks about anything


But seriously.

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"As an athlete, you’ll never feel bad about losing, but what you will feel bad about is underperforming. That’s a real thing and it happens a lot when we don’t live up to our potential. And that keeps you up at night and can give you years and years of regret. It could be a relationship, it could be a homework assignment, or it could be an athletic competition. If you don’t go out and perform to the best of your ability, it will really bother you."

- Chael Sonnen (via quotethat) It will indeed keep you up at night (via a-pure-guts-race)

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